This page contains most of the questions that I get including the correct answers.

Is Retrospect a script or plugin or add-on?

It was all of the above! But it changed to a Video Add-on only in version 3.5.0 (See this post).

What is difference between Retrospect and Retrospect Framework?

More information on the difference can be found on the Retrospect page.

What do the symbols º/^/ª mean behind some video item

Some video or folder items have one or more º/^/ª symbols behind them. These symbols say something about possible playback issues. More information can be found here.

Retrospect Uitzendinggemist cache settings

Retrospect Uitzendinggemist cache settings

Oooh nooo, I am trying to playback (NOS) streams and they download first instead of streaming

This is completely correct! XBMC (now Kodi) 12.1 and 12.2 have an issue with those streams on some systems. Especially Raspberry Pi’s and ATV2’s. So in order to fix this, cache the full stream before playback. This might take some time, but it is the only way it will work for about 90% of the users. However, you can always disable these settings by going to the add-on settings of Retrospect and set cache cleanup to 0 days!

How can I update channels?

Updating channels

Updating channels

Starting with Retrospect v3.2.3, it uses the new Kodi Repository feature to update channels. After the first run of Retrospect, it will deploy the channels as Add-ons which can be updated via the Add-ons feature of Kodi.

Before possible channel updates are installed or visible within the Kodi Repository feature, you must have run Retrospect at least once. That run causes prepacked channels to be deployed. After this, Kodi will be able to update them.

For those who still use XBMC4Xbox, you can update i two ways:

  1. Use the Auto-Update feature that can be found in the context-menu of the channel overview screen of Retrospect (this option is not available for non-xbox versions). It shows all the not yet installed updates. This is only available in the script version.

Keep in mind that updates of channels will not be in the Retrospect downloads until a new version of Retrospect is released. The auto-update list will only contain the available updates that have not already been installed.

After running Retrospect for the very first time on a fresh Retrospect install no channels appear

Retrospect dynamically determines part of the settings file. On fresh installs, Kodi sometimes picks up the not-update version of the settings resulting in no channels to appear. Running Retrospect for a second time should solve your issues.

Can I use Retrospect without restrictions

No, you have to stick with the licenses and the rules.

Can you please add this channel?

Yes, we can try, but we are not making any promises! Please fill in a feature request on the Official BitBucket page for Retrospect and we will see what we can do.

DRM encoded stream

DRM encoded stream

Playback of certain streams give ‘scrambled’ images

Some channels use DRM for certain broadcasts. Kodi does not support DRM so those streams will look a bit scrambled. This is something that cannot be fixed until Kodi supports it.

I use Linux to run my Kodi and Retrospect does not play most of the stream, how can I fix it?

This is caused by some issues with libmms. The current working version of libmms is version 0.6. They are not included in the default Kodi build. If you want, you can compile your own Kodi with libmms-0.6 or install libmms-0.6 using these commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:alexandr-surkov/xbmc
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade libmms0 xbmc

Some MMS streams load very slow, can you fix that

Short answer: No. There are some bugs present in the libmms library that prevent the fast loading of certain mms streams. Long anser: Yes. There are some workarounds for the libmms bugs. One of them (for Ubuntu) is described in this thread.

Will Retrospect be added to the official Kodi (build-in) repository?

No, Retrospect will not be included into the official (build-in) Kodi repository. This is due to the Retrospect License and due to the fact that the Retrospect Repository has some sophisticated stuff added (in php code) that do versioning and download counts.

I am <your nationality>, what should I do with the <other nationality> channels

Starting with Retrospect v3.2.3 you can hide channels based on their language. Visit the Add-on-settings and select those languages you would like to see.

Some streams have a too high bitrate and won’t play

Within Retrospect you can select what quality you want to playback videos. Not all channels support this feature, but those that do, will obey these settings.

Why won’t the BCC iPlayer stream play

The BBC iPlayer can only be used from within the UK. If you are outside the UK or you need a specific proxy to access the internet you can configure such a (http) proxy via the Add-on settings. The proxy format is http://server:port.

Why won’t my RTMP streams play under Linux

The current Linux XBMC nighlty builds use LibRTMP 2.3 which is old. You can update them to a more recent version in these simple steps:

  • Get all the required software:
sudo apt-get install git-core build-essential gcc make git libssl0.9.8 libssl-dev
  • Then clone the latest sources for the rtmpdump from the git repository:
git clone git://
  • Then move to rtmpdump/librtmp folder and run a make:
rtmpdump/librtmp$ make SYS=posix
  • Then use the following command to install it:
rtmpdump/librtmp$ sudo make prefix=/usr install