As more and more people are starting to make channels for the Retrospect Framework, we want to lay out some rules and terms for the channels that we will host on this site. Please stick to them before asking us to post or link to them on the site:

  1. We, the Retrospect Framework team, are not responsible for any content that is displayed using the Retrospect Framework.
  2. We, the Retrospect Framework team, can not prevent others from distributing their own channels that work with the Retrospect Framework.
  3. We, the Retrospect Framework team, do not support any kind of Adult content for the Retrospect Framework nor will we host it on our servers.
  4. If you want us to host your channel, feel free to mail it to us. We will however screen the channel before hosting it. We, and alone we, decide what channels to host on our servers.
  5. Make as many channels as you want.
  6. Make them in any language you want.
  7. But please stick to the inheritance. So DON’T modify that file, but make the channel work with the most recent version of If you don’t, we cannot guarantee that your channel will work with future version of the Retrospect Framework.