European and Dutch Cookie Laws

On June 1st 2012 a new telecom law was approved in Europe and The Netherlands. This law requires websites to inform their visitors of what types of browser-cookies are being used.

Whereas the European law just states that the user should be informed, the Dutch law states that all visitors need to be able to agree or disagree with the use of all cookies. As this site is hosted within the Netherlands, it must comply with the Dutch laws.

The cookies used on this site can be categorized in the following groups:

  • Functional cookies: cookies that are required for a well-functioning website. Login cookies, which track the user login and session, belong to this category.
  • Website analysis cookies: To maintain usage statistics for this site Google Analytics is used. This service from Google tracks the pages that a user visits, where the user came from, what browser the user is using, what the screen resolution is and many more things. All this information is used to optimize the website. Google itself uses this information to create an anonymous advertising profile that they use to provide the user with a more specific set of advertisements.
  • Other third party cookies: This site uses third party elements (like Google +1, Facebook ‘like’ and Youtube videos) that could also result in more cookies. These cookies are used only by those third party sites.

By selecting “I agree” the first time you visit the site, you agree with the use of all cookies that are required for this website. You will only be asked for this permission once per browser.