Program Add-on be gone

In 2006 I created the very first version of the XBMC Online TV script. At that point XBMC only ran on Xbox and only had support for Python script. Those scripts had their own user interface (GUI) and thus skins. So Uitzendinggemist.v2, as it was called back than, was only a Python script add-on, something […]

About proxies and streaming

Currenlty there is a bug present in Kodi 15.x and 16.x, or better FFMPEG, that results in FFMPEG to not use the proxy specified for playback. So most of the proxy functionality in Retrospect won’t work correctly. See Within Retrospect each channel can be configured with a proxy. This article is here to give […]

What’s in a name?

…apparently a lot! A long time a go, in this very same galaxy a Xbox Media Center script existed that watch Dutch missed episodes. It had 3 available channels and was abandoned by it’s creator. The name of the script: “Uitzendinggemist”? “Say what,” I hear you think! It is Dutch for “Missed an episode”. I […]

Server hammering

Today we blocked a number of IP addresses, because they were hammering our servers. An average of 250 downloads of¬†XBMC Online TV + updates PER HOUR! Not so nice for the bandwidth and CPU. So we were forced to block them. If you are getting an “403 – Forbidden” response while attempting to download XBMC […]

XBMC Online TV Playback statistics

In the recent XBMC Online TV v3.3.6 update we added some statistics logging. Over the past week we got a lot of feedback and wanted to show some results. The most important bit of information we wanted to know was what channels people watched and how often. Well the results are here. Playback statistics We […]