How does updating Retrospect work?

There has been a lot of confusion on how Retrospect update work. So this KB article is an attempt to explain the main ideas and principles behind the system. And the most important things to remember are: Kodi caches stuff in the addons/packages/ folder and will always (yes always) use a file from that location. […]

Storing passwords in the Retrospect Vault

Many Kodi add-ons store user name and passwords in their add-on settings. However, almost nobody seems to care about the fact that these are stored in plain text in the settings.xml in the user_data folder. Many users do not secure their Kodi boxes as well as their own PC or laptops, hence there is a […]

If a channel breaks now I/we notice!

On May 15, 2014 I wrote a post on why it is very difficult to notice when a channel breaks. You can read that post here. The short version is that I am not Superman (or Batman or Luke Skywalker) and cannot keep track of all 60+ channel within Retrospect. Advanced Statistics However, in Retrospect […]

GIT-ing things done

A while ago we moved to BitBucket for the Retrospect Issue Tracker (see Bitbucket here we come). Together with this change, we also converted our SVN repository to a GIT repo and added it as a private repository to the BitBucket project. The big benefit is that issues that are fixed are linked to the […]

What’s in a name? – Part 2

… Apparently still a lot! A while ago On the 23rd November 2013 I announced that XOT-Uzg.v3 was going to change its name. Back then, the main reason was to make it more clear for people, especially none-Dutch speaking people, what the add-on did. That day XBMC Online TV was born. Then on the 1st […]

XBMC Online TV – Nightly GIT Repository

In December 2015 the nightly repository was moved from a separate repository into the main Retrospect repository at Bitbucket. See here. Nightly GIT If you are really into XBMC Online TV and want to keep up with the most recent changes, you can now pull XBMC Online TV from the XBMC Online TV Nightly BitBucket […]

How to configure Retrospect

Retrospect┬áhas a large number of configuration parameters or settings. All of them are accessible from the Add-on settings. They can be found from the context menu within the add-on, or when the add-on is highlighted in the video add-ons. General settings There are a number of common settings that change the overall behaviour of Retrospect. […]

Kodi Online TV?

I guess most people heard already (or not), but XBMC is changing its name to Kodi. So what does this mean for the name of XBMC Online TV? As you can read here we already changed the name of XBMC Online TV about half a year ago. That change did not really have a large impact […]

Why a channel breaks and I/we don’t notice!

You know what I really, really dislike: stuff that does not work. Things (and software) need to do what they are suppose to do. They should all serve their purpose. So can you imagine how frustrated I get whenever I notice that a channel broke in XBMC Online TV. Because XBMC Online TV should also […]

Bitbucket here we come

Some more changes to XBMC Online TV are on it’s way: we are migrating our code stuff from Google Code to Bitbucket. Main reason for this the lack of private GIT repositories at Google Code and the rather outdated issue tracker. What will happen now? We are currently migrating all existing issues (open and closed […]