Changelog v3.2.6 – 2011-07-04 Works best with Dharma and later builds Framework related Fixed: in some cases Unicode was hidden in normal string and thus not correctly decoded. Hopefully the Unicode issues are now all solved (Thanks to Göran for pointing out the issue) Added: Encoding info to startup Added: json now replaces \uxxxx values […]


Changelog v3.2.4 – 2011-06-15 Works best with Dharma and later builds Skin related Added: skin.xot is not the default skin and reworked the complete skinning engine of XOT Removed: all other skins Channel related Added: Channel 9 @ MSDN Added: Toppers to dumpert (Issue 263) Fixed: UZG for IOS (Issue 261) Added: NOS Beta now […]


Changelog v3.2.3 – 2011-01-26 Works best with Dharma and later builds XBOX users: I fixed a minor bug in the channel deployment mechanism today (it caused no channels to appear if you renamed the script other then net.rieter.xot. XBOX Users who downloaded the zips before 20.00h (+100) on the 26th of January should delete all […]


Changelog v3.2.2 – 2010-11-05 Needs at least XBMC revision r31434 Updated: Plugin is now independent of WindowXML.GUI Changed: Split channel class in two parts: GUI and Channel. Improves speed and memory usage Removed: Not used imports to improve speed Added: ChannelImporter and redesigned channel initialization Fixed: All names are now De-Prefixed (The, A, An, Een, […]


Changelog v3.2.1 – 2010-08-08 Needs at least XBMC revision r31434 Added: TV4.se (Issue 149) Fixed: Plugin now uses base64 encoding to prevent messing up of pickle item (Fixes Issue 197) Added: Southpark channel for The Netherlands only (Issue 140)(if more countries want it, then they should send me a fiddler trace of browsing their southpark […]


Changelog v3.2.0 – 2010-07-10 Needs at least XBMC revision r31434 Fixed: XOT-Uzg.v3 is now Addon compatible Added: Repository definition (1.0.0) Renamed: Confluence Skin to skin.confluence Added: XBMC Addon Support Added: iRTL (iPhone RTL channel without DRM) Fixed: SBS Broadcasting Channel Added: option to create a UriOpener that does never use a progressbar (needed for plugin) […]

Changelog XOT-Uzg.v3.0.0 – v3.2.0b7

This page contains all the changelogs for XOT-Uzg.v2.x.x. For more recent changelogs visit the Changelogs page. Changelog v3.2.0b7 – 2010-01-26 Needs at least XBMC revision R17016 Removed: Kanalenkiezer for the time being, because they start to link to HTML more and more Fixed: Turbo Nick RTMP urls Fixed: Freecaster.tv Updated: SVT to handel AJAX calls […]

Changelog XOT-Uzg.v2.x.x

Changelog v2.7.0 – 2007-10-12 Requires at least XBMC R8683 Added: Cachefolder cleanup Added: New GTST episodes to RTL channel Added: Channelnames in Programwindow Added: Channeldescriptions in Programwindow Added: Channeldescriptions to all channels Added: item=complete checkmark Fixed: RTL Error in Regex due to changes in XML layout Changed: renamed self.onUpDownEnabled to self.onUpDownUpdateEnabled for better displaying its […]