How does updating Retrospect work?

There has been a lot of confusion on how Retrospect update work. So this KB article is an attempt to explain the main ideas and principles behind the system. And the most important things to remember are: Kodi caches stuff in the addons/packages/ folder and will always (yes always) use a file from that location. […]

The Current Retrospect Status

We’re doing it slowly! 2017-11-01 – Update #4 I have seen some zip files pop-ing up with Retrospect versions. None of them are from a trusted source and I would like to caution everybody to not blindly install add-ons of un-trusted sources. So to prevent this from happening further, I am opening up the Retrospect […]

Retrospect – Norwegian Channels v4.1.6.1

Changelog Fixed: NRK Category listing (Fixes #893) Previous changes Fixed: Image and season indications (Fixes #793) Added: A – Å folder item with a lot, really a lot of shows. It loads slow! (Fixes #790). Added: Subtitles for (Fixes #789) Fixed: Don’t show unavailable videos (Fixes #775) Fixed: Show description for NRK shows (Fixes […]

Retrospect – Belgium channels v4.1.6.3

Changelog Fixed: was missing those shows without a channel logo (Fixes #894) Fixed: Vier/ were missing some videos that appeared as highlighted on the pages (Fixes #892) Removed: all videos as they moved to encrypted DASH which is not supported by Kodi (See #878) Previous Changes Fixed: Vier/ moved to new API and […]

Retrospect – Belgium channels v4.1.6.2

Changelog Fixed: Vier/ moved to new API and requires logging in (Fixes #888) Previous Changes Fixed: live streams were broken (Fixes #884) Fixed: no audio on streams (Fixes #880) Fixed: streams moved to Vualto plaform (Fixes #865) Fixed: KetNet listing broke (Fixes #866) Added: (Fixes #763) Added: Recent items to VTM […]

Retrospect – Dutch NPO Channels v4.1.6.1

Changelog Fixed: NPO released a new site (Fixes #887) Previous Changes Fixed: perhaps not group the “Hele Lijst” listing from NPO to distinguish it better from the NPO native alphabet listing Changed: updated NPO urls to https Fixed: NPO 3 had voice-over subs (See #831) Fixed: Cleaned up NPO (See #831) Fixed: NPO loginFixed: NPO […]

Retrospect – Belgium channels v4.1.6.1

Changelog Fixed: live streams were broken (Fixes #884) Previous Changes Fixed: no audio on streams (Fixes #880) Fixed: streams moved to Vualto plaform (Fixes #865) Fixed: KetNet listing broke (Fixes #866) Added: (Fixes #763) Added: Recent items to VTM (Fixes #827) Fixed: Some streams would start in the middle of a […]

Retrospect – Swedish Channels v4.1.6.1

Changelog Fixed: Exclude “Kommande” folders (Fixes #881) Previous changes Fixed: TV4Play can work without HTTPS and thus without SSL errors (See #859) Fixed: SVT API update (Fixes #857) Fixed: Paging issue with Kanal 5 Fixed: SVT Live channels (Fixes #853) Removed: TV4 login option as it never really made sense and all premium content is […]

Retrospect v4.1.6

I recently stumbled upon a rather nasty issue with how I handle settings if you were to install Retrospect on clean machines. As new users might get a none-working Retrospect and might get frustrated, I decided to push a small Retrospect Update. On popular demand, I also added the option to disable the channel update […]

Retrospect – Dutch SBS Broadcasting Channels v4.1.5.1

Changelog Fixed: moved to a JSON API (Fixes #875) Previous changes Fixed: updated to the new BrightCove API (Fixes #799) Fixed: Some shows were missing (Fixes #794) Fixed: Missing thumbs on the site cause missing items (Fixes #791) Fixed: Not all shows were displayed Fixed: removed their descriptions, which broke […]