I recently stumbled upon a rather nasty issue with how I handle settings if you were to install Retrospect on clean machines. As new users might get a none-working Retrospect and might get frustrated, I decided to push a small Retrospect Update. On popular demand, I also added the option to disable the channel update message that appear after a channel update. They can now be disabled via the Retrospect add-on settings.

Note on Kodi Krypton

Kodi Krypton has some focus on security related to third party add-ons and repositories. To make users more aware of this, within Kodi Krypton all non-official repositories and add-ons are disabled by default and need to be re-enabled by the user. That way a user gets aware of what add-ons are not Kodi official and where the add-ons are coming from. As you are (or should be) aware of, Retrospect is such a third party add-on that uses its own repository. Therefore you will need to re-enable the Retrospect Repository and Retrospect itself. More information on how this Kodi features affects Retrospects and updates can be read here. As a reminder:

!! Retrospect should only be installed from the official Retrospect repository  !!
Please read the installation instructions

The only official and safe way of installing Retrospect is via the official repository using the official installation instructions. if installed from other locations, we cannot guarantee the quality or safety of the code of the add-on. In other words: code might have been injected if you download it via alternative sources.

Retrospect v4.1.6 – Changelog – 2017-06-23

Framework related

  • Added: Option to get audio streams from M3u8 (See #880)
  • Fixed: initial deployments failed due to missing user settings.xml

GUI/Settings/Language related

  • Fixed: settings of type=”hidden” do not exist
  • Updated: Swedish language (Fixes #874)
  • Added: option to hide channel initialisation messages

Channel related

  • Fixed: no audio on VRT.nu streams (Fixes #880)
  • Fixed: MTV moved to new API (Fixes #876)
  • Fixed: Kijk.nl moved to a JSON API (Fixes #875)