This new release of Retrospect introduces some new features such as adding the option to cloak (hide) items from a listing and keep it hidden until it is uncloaked again. That way it is possible to tailor some standard listings a bit. The cloaking works on folder types. Besides this some code simplifications were introduced that make life a bit easier. Especially with the new login features for some channels the handling of (session) cookies had to be more consistent.

Finally, a lot of time and effort was put into making Kodi Krypton handle stream, proxies and http headers in a much better way than it was done previously. Initially proxy and custom http headers were completely removed from Kodi Krypton. However, together with the Kodi dev ‘fritsch’ we were able to restore most functionality in a proper way. This saved the custom channel proxies and some other features based on http headers.

And finally a large amount of channels were updated over the past 6 months. And some channels were added such as School TV and a lot of new Belgium channels.

Note on Kodi Krypton

Kodi Krypton has some focus on security related to third party add-ons and repositories. To make users more aware of this, within Kodi Krypton all non-official repositories and add-ons are disabled by default and need to be re-enabled by the user. That way a user gets aware of what add-ons are not Kodi official and where the add-ons are coming from. As you are (or should be) aware of, Retrospect is such a third party add-on that uses its own repository. Therefore you will need to re-enable the Retrospect Repository and Retrospect itself. As a reminder:

!! Retrospect should only be installed from the official Retrospect repository  !!
Please read the installation instructions

The only official and safe way of installing Retrospect is via the official repository using the official installation instructions. if installed from other locations, we cannot guarantee the quality or safety of the code of the add-on. In other words: code might have been injected if you download it via alternative sources.

Retrospect v4.1.3 – Changelog – 2017-02-03

Framework related

  • Updated: Retrospect User-Agent
  • Removed: SQLite support as it is no longer needed
  • Added: metaData item to MediaItem. This can be used to set internal data
  • Fixed: if sub-title was None, don’t display ‘<title> – None’
  • Added: Allow the setting of the Content-Type header for Python Requests
  • Fixed: a possible race condition that could cause the settings to reset
  • Added: M3u8 subs to SubtitleHelper (See #789)
  • Fixed: DC Subtitle issue with miliseconds offset.
  • Added: settings.xml so settings don’t get reverted when updating the GIT/Nightly versions.
  • Fixed: Minor WebVTT fixes in subtitle helper
  • Removed: Database helper
  • Changed: Kodi 17 can accept other RTMP options
  • Changed: optimized some import to speed up loading on lower end systems
  • Updated: htmlentityhelper and unit tests
  • Updated: All channels use the DateHelper now for date/time parsing/calculation
  • Added: Posix and DateTime format parsing date DateHelper
  • Fixed: more revision/build swapping
  • Fixed: rev <-> build in the Version object
  • Changed: use cookiejar.dat file for storing of cookies
  • Added: Allow setting of ChannelSettings via the AddonSettings
  • Fixed: UriHandler could not handle Content-Type headers with data after the char-set
  • Updated: NPO stream parser
  • Updated: MMS stream parser

Login/Secure Vault

  • Added: Logon for UpdateVideo added
  • Fixed: cancelling a Vault Encrypted setting would clear that setting
  • Updated: display ***for encrypted values.

GUI/Settings/Language related

  • Updated: Swedish Translation (Closes #788)
  • Updated: translations for cloaking
  • Added: Un-cloak information message on first cloak action
  • Fixed: Cloaking error while logging
  • Updated: cloak character
  • Added: Cloak items from channels (See #764)
  • Added: and unittests
  • Fixed: Cloaker.Cloak did not alway return a value

Channel related

  • Fixed: did not show all episodes (Fixes #815)
  • Fixed: Some thumbnails did not show for SVT (Fixes #813)
  • Updated: MTG channel URL’s
  • Updated: Oppet Arkiv uses new metaData for genres
  • Added: SVT and Oppet Arkiv genres (Fixes #624)
  • Added: VRT NU categories (See #810)
  • Added: VRT NU (Fixes #810)
  • Fixed: SVT Update their API (Fixes #811)
  • Added: (Fixes #760)
  • Changed: no more login required for (See #809)
  • Removed: iRTL channel as it is no longer supported
  • Updated: RTL textures
  • Added: Q2 Live channel (See #759)
  • Updated: Q2 Textures (See #759)
  • Added: channel
  • Fixed: AT5 programs, videos and streams
  • Fixed: L1 channel broke due to site changes
  • Fixed: Some live channels were missing (Fixes #804)
  • Added: More VTM programs (See #795)
  • Fixed: NPO “Titles with ‘..'” listings (Fixes #801)
  • Fixed: Playlist item names not corresponding to MediaItemPart names
  • Fixed: Radio 538 channel was completely broken
  • Fixed: VTM has some strange escapes in the JSON
  • Changed: SVT Play shows Geo Block information from main list now (See #800)
  • Fixed: VTM has some strange escapes
  • Updated: Cleaned up the login urls based on the API documentation (See #758)
  • Fixed: login now extents sessions (See #758)
  • Fixed: Log-in for changed (See #798)
  • Fixed: updated to the new BrightCove API (Fixes #799)
  • Fixed: streams did not play (Fixes #795)
  • Fixed: BBC Changed thumbnail html code
  • Fixed: NRK Image and season indications (Fixes #793)
  • Fixed: Some shows were missing (Fixes #794)
  • Changed: VTM no uses the UpdateVideo logon option
  • Fixed: De Redactie did not show most recent shows (Fixes #439 again)
  • Updated: Settings.xml due to changes
  • Fixed: Missing thumbs on the site cause missing items (Fixes #791)
  • Added: A – Ã… folder item with a lot, really a lot of shows. It loads slow! (Fixes #790)
  • Added: live TV and full episodes (See #758)
  • Added: Subtitles for (Fixes #789)
  • Fixed: SVT upgraded some of their genres (Barn, Sport) to the new format (Fixes #787)
  • Fixed: ViaSat changed subtitle formats (Fixes #784)
  • Fixed: UR Play changed subtitle formats (Fixes #784)
  • Added: Initial channel (Fixes #758)
  • Fixed: SVT Search(Fixes #782)
  • Fixed: Ketnet is switching stream provider (Fixes #780)
  • Fixed: TV4 Play updated their Video API (Fixes #779)
  • Fixed: SVT updated their API again :sigh: (Fixes #776)
  • Fixed: Show BBC items without dates or secondary titles
  • Fixed: support Youtube streams from Dumpert
  • Fixed: Don’t show unavailable videos (Fixes #775)
  • Fixed: Don’t show Oppet Arkiv in SVT (Fixes #774)
  • Fixed: Een updated their site again (Fixes #773)
  • Fixed: Show description for NRK shows (Fixes #768)
  • Fixed: SVT updated a typoo in their API (And left the biggest one in there) (Fixes #769)
  • Fixed: MTG (Kanal 5) subtitle issue (Fixes #770)
  • Fixed: UR Play broke (Fixes #771)
  • Added: NTR (Fixes #671)
  • Fixed: NPO Radio streams
  • Fixed: SVT changed API location – part #2 (Fixes #767)
  • Fixed: ViaFree parsing (Fixes #765)
  • Fixed: no longer required to log on for playback (See #736)
  • Updated: use cookie jar for
  • Added: set password ****for all channels
  • Changed: uses the cookiejar now
  • Added: login and ‘Favorieten’