I guess most people heard already (or not), but XBMC is changing its name to Kodi. So what does this mean for the name of XBMC Online TV?

As you can read here we already changed the name of XBMC Online TV about half a year ago. That change did not really have a large impact as we changed from XOT-Uzg.v3 to XBMC Online TV.

Now that XBMC is becoming Kodi, XOT could become KOT (Kodi Online TV) and we would need to do a lot of changes we already did before. But besides that, changing from XOT to KOT would mean that we are changing the abbreviation we have been using from the start. XOT is literally everywhere in the code, scripts and website. So changing it would required a lot more additional work.

So let’s say that we are going to wait a bit and see what will happen in the upcoming weeks and if it indeed will be Kodi instead of XBMC, then we have some (a lot) of work to do before Kodi 14 is born.