You know what I really, really dislike: stuff that does not work. Things (and software) need to do what they are suppose to do. They should all serve their purpose. So can you imagine how frustrated I get whenever I notice that a channel broke in XBMC Online TV. Because XBMC Online TV should also do what it was made to do: show listings and pass on streams to XBMC for playback.

Sh003But I am not superman, at least not when I am wearing my glasses, and I can’t make sure that each and every channel (60+) keeps working 24/7. Especially because all of the broadcasters try to improve their websites and API’s every single day (This usually is a good thing). What complicates things is that I myself rarely use XBMC Online TV to watch something, my wife and kids do, but not me. Keeping XBMC Online TV alive is something I do for fun and to see how far I can push Python and XBMC. I try to improve it and add user suggested features.

So, for me to notice a channel (especially the Scandinavian ones) breaks, I need to be informed by the users (40.000+). So please, if you notice a channel has broken or something else does not work within XBMC Online TV (I can fix a lot of stuff but let’s stick to the topic) let me know. There is a BitBucket issue tracker that can be used to report bugs (or suggestions). Please do try to provide me with all the info I need.

For now I can inform you that the NET 5, SBS 6, Veronica, Dumpert, Nickelodeon and 538 (SLAM TV) channels are working again!