Some more changes to XBMC Online TV are on it’s way: we are migrating our code stuff from Google Code to Bitbucket. Main reason for this the lack of private GIT repositories at Google Code and the rather outdated issue tracker.

What will happen now?

We are currently migrating all existing issues (open and closed ones) to Bitbutcket. During the migration we want a static list of issues. Therefore we have disabled the issue tracker at Google Code and we have placed a link to the new tracker at Bitbucket. However, until the migration is completed (and verified) we have disabled access to the Bitbucket tracker.  If all is well the new tracker should be up and running by the end of the week.

Long live Bitbucket, and goodbye Google Code

Updated: 2014-02-28

We complete the migration and the tracker is live at Bitbucket. What moved was:

  • All open issues
  • All close issues
  • All comments
  • All attachements

What did not move: the names of all the reporters of issues and posters of comments. Those cannot be retrieved by a script from Google Code and are thus lost. To make it easier we placed a link to the original item (at Google Code) at the bottom of each issue.

Are you interested what script we used to migrate from Google Code to Bitbucket. Let us know! It’s a single Python script that does the job!