The complete packages can be downloaded here:

  • Latest version/sources in zip-format: This package always contains the most recent code and updated channels. So there should be no need to download separate channel updates afterwards.

XBMC Repository

The more recent builds (july 2010) of XBMC support Addons Repositories. There is also an official XBMC Online TV repository that holds the most recent XBMC Online TV build. In order to use it you will have to download the repository and install it in XBMC using the “install from zip” option in the Addon Manager. After installing it, there will be a new XBMC Online TV repository in the XBMC Addon Manager.

Nightly builds

XBMC Online TV also has nightly builds available. Read this post to find out where to get them and how to install them.

More info

More information on the installation can be found on the installation page or on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Please sir, can you spare a dollar?

A lot of people are using XBMC Online TV now. On the 20th of januari 2008 we passed the border of 100.000 XOT-script starts. What if all those people would have donated 1ct each time they started XOT :D. It wouldn’t make me rich, but heck, why not try to earn a bit on the side with my hobby? So if you are enjoying XOT and you can spare a some change (1$ or 1€) just donate it via PayPal!