Changelog v3.2.11 – 2011-10-18 Framework related Updated: Moved channel importing to a point after logfile cleaning in plug-in mode Added: Option to disable channels on different platforms Fixed: Finally the dreaded Linux-logfile-append-issue is fixed Changed: Do not cache thumbs in plugin mode that’s XBMC’s work Fixed: ContextMenu items that do not need Complete items, no […]


Changelog v3.2.10 – 2011-09-04 Works best with Dharma and later builds Framework related Added: New setting to enable advanced plugin mode (default enabled). Enables these features: Added: Plugin Contextmenu generated from channel contexmenuitems Added: Plugin show favorites from mainlist and channel overview Fixed: Refresh issue fixed for plugin for Xbox Added: Favorites handling for plugin […]


Changelog v3.2.9 – 2011-08-12 Works best with Dharma and later builds Framework related Updated: Load ProgramList with AddItems instead of AddItem Updated: Fill Plot and PlotOutline with Description information. Changed: no part number in plug-in if only one part Added: Refresh option in main window Added: Timed Text Markup Language -> SRT converter Added: Sort […]


Changelog v3.2.8 – 2011-07-13 Works best with Dharma and later builds Framework related Fixed: Sorting issue. list.sort() always returns None and caused errors updating already loaded channels. Fixed: DimValue returned an error as it was not implemented yet. Fixed: Plugin did not create Cache folder (Thanks to Göran) Added: Error icon if item update failed […]


Changelog v3.2.7 – 2011-07-12 Works best with Dharma and later builds Framework related Added: ACTION_NAV_BACK in order to be compatible with commit 9ceddb029b0b01e67973. Fixed: Default value for bitrate is 800 which is not in the list! Fixed: context menu in some cases passed the index of the wrong list (favorites broke) Fixed: Apparently showing your […]


Changelog v3.2.6 – 2011-07-04 Works best with Dharma and later builds Framework related Fixed: in some cases Unicode was hidden in normal string and thus not correctly decoded. Hopefully the Unicode issues are now all solved (Thanks to Göran for pointing out the issue) Added: Encoding info to startup Added: json now replaces \uxxxx values […]


Changelog v3.2.4 – 2011-06-15 Works best with Dharma and later builds Skin related Added: skin.xot is not the default skin and reworked the complete skinning engine of XOT Removed: all other skins Channel related Added: Channel 9 @ MSDN Added: Toppers to dumpert (Issue 263) Fixed: UZG for IOS (Issue 261) Added: NOS Beta now […]


Changelog v3.2.3 – 2011-01-26 Works best with Dharma and later builds XBOX users: I fixed a minor bug in the channel deployment mechanism today (it caused no channels to appear if you renamed the script other then net.rieter.xot. XBOX Users who downloaded the zips before 20.00h (+100) on the 26th of January should delete all […]


Changelog v3.2.2 – 2010-11-05 Needs at least XBMC revision r31434 Updated: Plugin is now independent of WindowXML.GUI Changed: Split channel class in two parts: GUI and Channel. Improves speed and memory usage Removed: Not used imports to improve speed Added: ChannelImporter and redesigned channel initialization Fixed: All names are now De-Prefixed (The, A, An, Een, […]