XBMC Online TV – Belgium Channels v3.5.0.2

Changelog Fixed: VRT channel media url’s were not resolving correctly (Fixes #570). Previous changes Fixed: Eén stream selection issue (Fixes #557) Fixed: VTM Nieuws playback issues Fixed: Belgium Een channel did not stream Removed: Cobra.be for now due to incompatible site layout (Fixes #508)

XBMC Online TV – Dutch NPO Channels v3.5.0.4

Changelog Fixed: NPO Live streams broke due to API changes (Fixes #569) Previous changes Fixed: Selection by Date added back to the new NPO channel (Fixes #543) Fixed: Moved to NPO.nl for Uitzendinggemist (Fixes #543) Fixed: NPO requires referer to be passed on to their JSON Api (Fixes #538)

XBMC Online TV v3.5.0

For those that are using XBMC Online TV: With the release of XBMC 13.0 Gotham final just last week, there also is a new version of XBMC Online TV (previously called XOT-Uzg.v3): version 3.5.0. This new version of XBMC Online TV has a large number of changes. The biggest one is the removal of the […]

XBMC Online TV v3.4.0

For those who are interested, I just uploaded XBMC Online TV v3.4.0. This release introduces three new major features: Channel Proxies, Categories and a new name. Proxies can now be configured for each channel. Visit the Knowlede Base article to learn how to configure them. The list of channels did become very long and a […]


For those who are interested, I just uploaded XOT-Uzg.v3.3.7. This release is necessary in order to fix some channel bugs. Amongst which is the RTL channel that uses their new JSON interface and should be a lot faster and better. The NOS channels were also update and can nog handle streams who’s session expired a […]


For those who are interested, I just uploaded XOT-Uzg.v3.3.6. This release mainly contains channel bug fixes (Apple Movie Trailers, Uitzendinggemist.nl and some Scandinavian channels). For the Uitzendinggemist.nl channels a bug (workaround for XBMC issue) was solved that caused only the first stream to play back in cache mode (streams being downloaded before playback). Besides this, […]


For those who are interested, I just uploaded XOT-Uzg.v3.3.5. A bit earlier than expected but XBMC 12.1 (and 12.2) introduced some streaming issues with the Dutch NOS channels. The issue is a result of a change in online stream handling within XBMC. I hoped for a fix in XBMC 12.2 but that release did not […]


Changelog v3.3.4 – 2013-03-23 Framework related Changed: re-ordered Plugin context menu items Added: Queue Item to context menu Fixed: channelitems were not correctly update if using the program add-on version of XOT-uzg.v3 (Issue 412) Fixed: Don’t return ok=True if no items were found (Issue 418) Fixed: Subtitles were always showing (if available). Thanks to Marcel […]


Changelog v3.3.3 – 2012-01-30 Framework related Fixed: Finally got the bug in the logger that messed up multi-line log messages Added: Trace log level Updated: Log levels of all messages in channels Updated: UriHandler method redirect like Logger Fixed: stopwatch messages were not logged under the caller’s name. Added: Resume support for video items Changed: […]


Changelog v3.3.2 – 2012-12-13 Framework related Fixed: Opening channels without a channelcode would not work (Issue 400) Updated: Added channel descriptions as plot to channel overview. Updated: Stopwatch to make more sense in logging Added: New Json interface to chn_class.py. It can now use the JsonHelper to get data passed into the Create-Video/Folder/Page/Episode-Item methods. Added: […]