XBMC Online TV – Dutch NPO Channels v3.5.2.4

Changelog Fixed: NPO.nl changed their site which broke the alphabetical listing (Fixes #612) Previous Changes Fixed: NPO broke due to site changes (Fixes #605) Fixed: 3FM web cam stream disappeared from the listing due to a previous fix (Fixes #594) Added: “Current” and “Next” to the NPO Live channels (Fixes #583) and don’t cache the […]

XBMC Online TV – Swedish Channels v3.5.2.3

Changelog Fixed: URPlay updated their JSON format (Fixes #607) Added: ‘Mest spelade’, ‘Mest delade’, ‘Senaste’ and ‘Sista chansen’ to URPlay (Fixed #608) Previous changes Fixed: SVT would not show videos (Fixes #599) Fixed: SVT Regex missed some episodes (not many) (Fixes #588) Fixed: SVT Changed again (Fixes #580) Fixed: SVTPlay.se live channels (Again fixes #578) […]