This update of Retrospect is necessary update that fixes some issues with Kodi Krypton. No major stream playback issues, but issues “under the hood”. Here is an overview of the biggest changes:

  • Retrospect deploys its channels as Kodi add-ons, whenever you run Retrospect for the very first time, that makes them third party add-ons for Kodi. Within Kodi Krypton, these third party add-ons are disabled by default. This is no problem for Retrospect, as it imports them via other means, however, it apparently prevents them from updating! Big issue there, as many users did not get updates. As a resolution to this, Retrospect now notifies the users about this, redirects them to the Kodi Add-on Explorer and lets them enable the Retrospect related add-ons there.
  • There was an issue with updating the user-agent that Retrospect uses for HTTP calls. No big deal, but it did confuse people whenever they were posting logs as they thought that was the main issue they had.
  • No more searching for log files to post if you have issues! From this version on, if you enable debug or trace logging, you can automatically let Retrospect create a private Gist containing your main retrospect.log and previous retrospect.old.log. The URL where you can find the logs (shortened by Google) will be shown to you after a successful post.
  • There was a major rewrite of how we handle Proxies and Local IP’s. You can now define both proxy and Local IP per country and then link a channel to these country values. So in the past you might have ended up typing a Swedish proxy for all Swedish channels. Now you only need to create a proxy for Sweden en link all Swedish channels to that proxy. Or even better, let Retrospect update the proxy for all Swedish channels for you.
  • Finally I made the Retrospect internal life a bit better by introducing relative settings pointer. For the end user this has not value, but for Retrospect, making the rather complex settings.xml just became a lot easier! Instead of having to point to “The setting 10 positions up“, Retrospect now has a settings.xml template that points to “%setting%” and Retrospect will figure it out after the first run and generate a proper settings.xml. This should be a standard Kodi feature I think.

Note on Kodi Krypton

Kodi Krypton has some focus on security related to third party add-ons and repositories. To make users more aware of this, within Kodi Krypton all non-official repositories and add-ons are disabled by default and need to be re-enabled by the user. That way a user gets aware of what add-ons are not Kodi official and where the add-ons are coming from. As you are (or should be) aware of, Retrospect is such a third party add-on that uses its own repository. Therefore you will need to re-enable the Retrospect Repository and Retrospect itself. More information on how this Kodi features affects Retrospects and updates can be read here. As a reminder:

!! Retrospect should only be installed from the official Retrospect repository  !!
Please read the installation instructions

The only official and safe way of installing Retrospect is via the official repository using the official installation instructions. if installed from other locations, we cannot guarantee the quality or safety of the code of the add-on. In other words: code might have been injected if you download it via alternative sources.

Retrospect v4.1.4 – Changelog – 2017-05-21

Framework related

  • Fixed: No dataparsers are required for a searchSite or #searchSite url
  • Fixed: in Kodi 17+ add-ons are disabled by default and disabled add-ons don’t get update. This breaks Retrospect initial deployment mechanism. For now we only warn the users.
  • Fixed: ChannelImporter does not support ~alpha or ~beta
  • Updated: more template fields in settings_template.xml
  • Added: Reset proxy option for all countries
  • Added: Proxy settings for Latvian channels
  • Added: Stream properties to allow using InputStream add-ons
  • Added: Lithuanian proxy
  • Changed: move GA url to https version
  • Added: Estonian proxy
  • Changed: hide proxy password if no username is specified
  • Added: Belgium proxy settings
  • Added: template parser with templating for relative visibility
  • Added: proxy for Germany
  • Added: Setting all channels of a specific language
  • Changed: default channel proxies to the corresponding country settings (See #844)
  • Updated: more logging for Local IP and Proxy (See #844)
  • Added: Country Settings and refactored the Local IP functionality (See #844)
  • Added: Sending Retrospect.log via
  • Fixed: Don’t include #EXT-X-I-FRAME in the M3u8 streams
  • Fixed: Typoo in logging
  • Fixed: exclude Updater-only parsers from folder parsing to prevent unwanted logons
  • Fixed: Only call ListItem.setArt once per item to safe performance (See #817)
  • Fixed: Error while updating user-agent

GUI/Settings/Language related

  • Added: Swedish translations
  • Fixed: Swedish translation (Thanks to Snah)
  • Fixed: duplicate channel description in Estuary skin (See #844)
  • Fixed: Swedish translation (Fixes #851)
  • Updated: Proxy Translations
  • Fixed: English translation should be Belgian, not Belgium (Thanks Snaah)

Channel related

  • Fixed: Better Range Header handling for Q2, VTM and Stievie
  • Added: timestamps to the EPG overview of and exclude items in black-out period
  • Added: search to Stievie channel (See #763)
  • Changed: Show all EPG items regardeless of parentSeriesOID
  • Changed: Stievie folder structure updated (See #763)
  • Added: (Fixes #763)
  • Removed: NPO cache path, as it cannot be used anymore with M3u8 streams
  • Fixed: TV4Play can work without HTTPS and thus without SSL errors (See #859)
  • Fixed: SVT API update (Fixes #857)
  • Updated: settings.xml for Nick Jr.
  • Added: NickJr Artwork
  • Added: Recent items to VTM (Fixes #827)
  • Added: NickJr NL and International
  • Fixed: Remove NickJR content from the main Nickelodeon channels as that content moved
  • Fixed: Paging issue with Kanal 5
  • Fixed: Some streams would start in the middle of a stream (Reverted #854) as it seems to be OK now
  • Fixed: Paging for VTM would not work (only Q2)
  • Changed: updated NPO urls to https
  • Fixed: SVT Live channels (Fixes #853)
  • Fixed: do no longer accept an empty range= header (Fixes #854)
  • Changed: Combine HTML site (which only lists shows that have episode available) with the JSON API that has more recent videos per show (Fixes #848)
  • Fixed: VTM and Q2 updated their sites which broke the channel (Fixes #846)
  • Fixed: not all ViaSat streams would have subtitles (Fixes #843)
  • Fixed: regex was causing performance issues (Fixes #842)
  • Removed: Canvas as they are now 100% on
  • Fixed: NPO 3 had voice-over subs (See #831)
  • Updated: changelogs for, channel.nos and
  • Added: A bit more logging to the channel (See #839)
  • Fixed: cleaned up NPO (See #831)
  • Fixed: NPO login
  • Removed: TV4 login option as it never really made sense and all premium content is now at (See #450)
  • Fixed: Proper error in logging if VRT log in fails (See #818)
  • Fixed: NPO stream helper
  • Fixed: NPO live streams (See #831)
  • Fixed: NPO changed their API (Fixes #831)
  • Fixed: sometimes a stream would not start at the beginning. Applying the VTM fix (See #820)
  • Fixed: VTM and Q2 streams now always start at the beginning (Fixes #820)
  • Fixed: Some fanart did now show for SVT
  • Fixed: SVT did not play due to API changes (Fixes #828)
  • Updated: VTM can now use the Medialaan API but the results include many videoless episode items (See #827)
  • Added: VRT NU art for all included channels (See #823)
  • Fixed: Vier/ would also have the audio only streams (Fixes #822)
  • Added: now has listings per channels (Fixes #823)
  • Fixed: NPO moved the subtitle (TT888) urls
  • Fixed: NPO moved subtitle URL. Updating NPO stream parser
  • Added: VRT.NU dates and Live channels (See #810)
  • Fixed: JSON parsing of
  • Added: Login required for VRT NU, Q2 and VTM