• Fixed: ViaSat streams would not play (Fixes #864)

Previous changes

  • Fixed: not all ViaSat streams would have subtitles (Fixes #843)
  • Fixed: ViaSat changed subtitle formats (Fixes #784)
  • Fixed: ViaFree parsing (Fixes #765)
  • Fixed: ViaFree Search will move to ‘Titles with other chars’ when enable ‘Group list if exceeds # of folders’ (Fixes #753)
  • Fixed: MTG update their sites to a new standard and broke the Swedish and Norwegian channels (See #750)
  • Fixed: more TV6 (MTG) stream issues
  • Fixed: ViaSat channels sometimes won’t work with manifest.m3u8 but do with master.m3u8 (See #598)
  • Fixed: MTG channels did not select streams properly (Fixes #590)
  • Fixed: MTG streams would not always play (Issue #558)
  • Fixed: MTG channels could not open next pages (Fixes 556)
  • Fixed: ViaSat channels did not show any shows due to site changes (Fixes #521)
  • Removed: some logging in the MTG channel
  • Fixed: Klipp instead of Clips in mtg channel
  • Fixed: VIASAT changed their player and layouts (Issue 505)