• Fixed: NPO “Titles with ‘..'” listings (Fixes #801)

Previous Changes

  • Added: NTR (Fixes #671)
  • Fixed: NPO Radio streams
  • Fixed: NPO update broke paging (Fixes #756)
  • Fixed: Live TV channels and some video items for NPO did not show (Fixes #756)
  • Fixed: Most of the NPO TV Live streams were missing (Fixes #704)
  • Fixed: NPO Radio channels
  • Fixed: NPO changed their URL scheme which broke parsing (Fixed #654)
  • Fixed: Some NPO listings were empty due to site changes (Fixes #647)
  • Fixed: Very old streams would not play (Fixes #648)
  • Added: more NPO Radio web cam streams (Fixes #643)
  • Added: Genres to channel (Fixes #388)
  • Fixed: NPO updated their video back-end which broke playback (Fixes #634)
  • Fixed: NPO date items did not work (Fixed #623)
  • Fixed: changed their site which broke the alphabetical listing (Fixes #612)
  • Fixed: NPO broke due to site changes (Fixes #605)
  • Fixed: 3FM web cam stream disappeared from the listing due to a previous fix (Fixes #594)
  • Added: “Current” and “Next” to the NPO Live channels (Fixes #583) and don’t cache the Live TV Url for now