A long time ago on a computer far far away…..

Well, actually it wasn’t that long ago, but it was the 1st of Juni 2015 when the last version (4.0.0) of Retrospect was released. And to be honest, we are all closer than 1 light year from each other, so that is not really far far way in a ‘galactic sense’ either.

But over the past period a lot has changed. Usage has doubled, fixes dispatched and servers went down under the pressure of updates and downloads. Over a 1 Gb of data per day is transfered for update checks alone. This number is kept unussually high by a small group of dark ones with corrupted Kodi instances. Over and over they keep hammering the server looking for updates.

In a last attempt to safe the bandwidth both Python and PHP scripts have joined forces. The Pythons are banning those that dark hammering users for a period of a day. Whereas the PHPs are regulating the gradual release of updates over a longer period of time rather than instant. The innocent Retrospect users may experience the latter by a fased roll-out of updates over a period of 6 hours.

Meanwhile the development has continued. This new release of Retrospect has a couple of major changes. One thing is that all the textures (so thumbs, fanart and icons) are moved to a CDN. These files where almost never updated and only caused a lot of unnecessary bandwidth usage with each and every update. So now the full Retrospect download is only 900 KB instead of 8 MB! Images are loaded on demand and only for the channels and items that are not hidden.

We also removed a lot of calls to Python methods that will be removed in Kodi in the near future. This with a Milhouse build know that Retrospect broke on it. But with this release, all should be fine again. The load time of channels was also improved by creating a channel index file that will be used by Retrospect instead of scanning folders. Especially on slower systems, such as the Raspberry Pi, channels will load faster. Finally we added options to hide/filter items that cannot be played in Kodi. Such as paid items or DRM items.

Here is the full list of changes:

Retrospect v4.1.0 – Changelog – 2016-03-05

Framework related

  • Changed: Reordered the channels in the main channel listing
  • Changed: added sort channels by Title and Language (using ‘Genre’ for that)
  • Fixed: UriOpener.Header return values had an issue
  • Fixed: statistics with special characters fixed
  • Moved: logfile can now be found in the Retrospect profile folder
  • Updated: log file format cleaned up
  • Added: support for Apple’s TV OS (such as ATV 4) (See #689)
  • Changed: New way of importing single channels using a pre-build ChannelIndex
  • Changed: bumped Python dependency to xbmc.python-2.14.0 (See http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=250936&pid=2196735#pid2196735)
  • Added: append QS to M3U8 sub streams
  • Added: custom infolabels such as season information
  • Changed: cleanup Kodi items creation
  • Added: F4m stream parser
  • Fixed: First time messages were only show for first channel in a python file
  • Fixed: Favourites would not work under Android
  • Fixed: URL video extension detection updated (See #619)
  • Fixed: don’t check for channel.xml file, but only for json file.
  • Fixed: forgot to update the MediaItem __dir__() method which breaks the favorites
  • Moved: NPO Live Player stream extraction to npostream.py


  • Fixed: don’t cache the statistics requests
  • Added: GA statistics instead of rieter.net
  • Added: GA statistics on empty lists and playback errors
  • Added: Register the total retrieved CDN bytes via GA
  • Updated: always generate a new ClientID if none was found


  • Fixed: Pickler was not updated for new URL encoding (See #688)
  • Fixed: Pickler would not handle upper case URL encoded chars (See #688)
  • Updated: removed specific Kodi Player selection as it has been deprecated for some time now (see http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=173887&pid=1516662#pid1516662)
  • Fixed: the Millhouse Kodi builds no longer have DVD Player but use the future VideoPlayer which broke Retrospect (See #658)
  • Updated: Jarvis API deprecations partly implemented. Only the setIconImage and setThumbnailImage remain.

GUI/Settings/Language related

  • Updated: Swedish and Dutch translations
  • Added: possibility to show/hide premium items. Defaults to “show” (Fixes #620)
  • Updated: make it possible to hide DRM protected items
  • Changed: Also make it possible to hide a channel from the channel settings
  • Updated: Only show an initialising message once


  • Added: Retrospect now supports fanarts
  • Updated: Channel icons/logos, thumbs and fanarts (720p)
  • Changed: moved textures (icons/logos/thumbs/fanart) outside of the main download
  • Added: Add a configuration that allows disabling Fanart
  • Added: TextureManager (Cached, Local or Remote) to fetch the textures for channels on-demand
  • Changed: Show progress bar on texture update
  • Fixed: if a local texture is already present use that one.
  • Fixed: Purge textures from Kodi if they are no longer required by Retrospect
  • Fixed: Don’t try to resolve http(s) textures
  • Added: Images hash files

Channel related

  • Fixed: NRK.no broke due to an API version bump (Fixes #709)
  • Fixed: SVT changed their Live channel format (Fixes #708)
  • Fixed: Radio 538 apparently has English dates in the HTML
  • Fixed: SVT is moving to M3u8 subtitles (Fixes #706)
  • Fixed: Most of the NPO TV Live streams were missing (Fixes #704)
  • Fixed: Hardwareinfo.tv broke due to Google API deprecation.
  • Fixed: Canvas.be update their layout (Fixes #702)
  • Fixed: NPO Radio channels
  • Renamed: “Live TV” into “Live-TV” for TV4play.se (See #697)
  • Fixed: TV4play.se Live stream did not work (Fixes 697)
  • Removed: Eden warning from SVT (Fixes #694)
  • Fixed: some NPO streams would not play due to missing JSON data
  • Fixed: UR Play website was update which broke Retrospect (Fixes #691)
  • Renamed: Eredivisie Live to Fox Sports
  • Fixed: NRK did not show any programs
  • Fixed: Minor site change broke Nick channels again…
  • Added: Ketnet (VRT) was added again (Fixes #686)
  • Renamed: VRT to Ketnet
  • Fixed: Eredivisie Live did not show any content (Fixes #651)
  • Added: Swedish MTG channels, Swedish SBS Channels and TV4.se now have a search option (See #683)
  • Fixed: BBC iPlayer was not showing episodes due to minor site changes (Fixes #685)
  • Added: SVT and Oppet Arkiv Search (Fixes #681)
  • Fixed: Radio 538 did not play all streams
  • Fixed: Minor site change broke Nick channels (Fixes #680)
  • Fixed: Swedish Kanal 5/9/11 updated their API and broke the channels (Fixes #679)
  • Fixed: Canvas updated their site (Fixes #677)
  • Fixed: TWiT.tv did no longer work
  • Fixed: Canvas updated their site
  • Fixed: Swedish SBS channel change video content platform and broke Kanal 5, Kanal 9 and Kanal 11 (Fixes #673)
  • Added: nrk.no categories
  • Fixed: Some program listings did not work in the RTL channel on 32 bit systems.
  • Fixed: BBC moved their streams around which broke the channel (Fixes #669)
  • Added: NRK.no channel (Fixes #297)
  • Fixed: Radio 538, Slam! FM and Q-Music streams broken (Fixes #665, Fixes #666, Fixes #667)
  • Fixed: VTM site update broke listings (Fixes #656)
  • Fixed: NPO changed their URL scheme which broke parsing (Fixes #654)
  • Fixed: SRF.ch changed their Play API (Fixes #653)
  • Fixed: SVT Categories would mix up videos and folders (Fixes #652)
  • Fixed: Radio 538 had some data items appear as folders
  • Added: SLAM! TV stream (Fixes #650)
  • Fixed: Some NPO listings were empty due to site changes (Fixes #647)
  • Added: more NPO Radio web cam streams (Fixes #643)
  • Added: Genres to NPO.nl channel (Fixes #388)
  • Fixed: paging and clips were not shown for kijk.nl (Fixes #609)
  • Added: TV12 and TV7 via TV4Play (changelog.txt)
  • Fixed: Kijk.nl changed their URL scheme (Fixes #642)
  • Added: TV12 and TV7 via TV4Play (Fixes #631)
  • Fixed: Nickelodeon changed their layout which broke playback (Fixes #636)
  • Fixed: NPO updated their video back-end which broke playback (Fixes #634)
  • Fixed: TV4Play had some broken lists (Fixes #629)
  • Fixed: Dumpert cookie consent issue (Fixes #628)
  • Added: TV4Play Live channel (Fixes #626)
  • Fixed: NPO date items did not work (Fixes #623)
  • Fixed: URL encode the categorie names for TV4Play (See #519)
  • Fixed: SVT Öppet Arkiv again (Fixes #622)
  • Fixed: SVT Oppet Arkiv (Fixes #621)
  • Added: DRM Protection message (See #519)
  • Added: Senaste avsnitten/clip to Kanal5.se, Kanal9.se and Kanal11.se (See #519)
  • Updated: TV4Play added more categories (See #519)
  • Added: TV4Play has a DRM protection indicator for Premium indication (See #620)
  • Updated: TV4Play added more categories (Fixes #519)
  • Fixed: headers were not correctly set which prevent pre-fetching of streams for NPO (Fixes #619)
  • Fixed: NPO.nl recent and tips did not display show names