• Fixed: SVT Updated site layout and broke live channels (Fixes #578 and the live channels)

Previous changes

  • Fixed: SVT changed their layout a bit (Fixes #573 and the live channels)
  • Fixed: SVT Play Clips were not shown (Fixes #567)
  • Fixed: better premium detection
  • Fixed: TV4Play updated their API and now use Json (Fixes #562)
  • Fixed: SVT changed the site and broke XOT (Fixes #554)
  • Fixed: UR Play updated their playback format (Fixes #551)
  • Updated: UR Play SWF path
  • Fixed: SVTPlay – Piratöarna (and others), no video were found (Fixes #548)
  • Fixed: Subtitle downloading for Swedish Kanal 5,9 and 11
  • Fixed: Kanal9/Kanal5 try better to deterime a video stream (Fixes #540)
  • Fixed: Date parsing in SVT Play channel (Fixes #535)
  • Fixed: SVT changed their layout to be more touch friendly and XOT unfriendly (Fixes #533)