For those who are interested, I just uploaded XBMC Online TV v3.4.0. This release introduces three new major features: Channel Proxies, Categories and a new name. Proxies can now be configured for each channel. Visit the Knowlede Base article to learn how to configure them. The list of channels did become very long and a lot of scrolling was required to find channels, even if you would disable channels you do not use. Now each channel has a category and the main channel listing has been replaced by a category listing which can be used to go to a list of channels for that category. If you don’t like this feature, then you can disable it via the add-on settings (under Channels). And last but not least a new name: XBMC Online TV. If you want to know why, please visit this Building XOT blog post.

Here is the complete overview:

Changelog v3.4.0 – 2013-11-26

Framework related

  • Renamed: XOT-Uzg.v3 to XBMC Online TV* Changed: User HttpProxy parameter for URLs
  • Added: HttpProxy parameter to XBMC Streams (needs a XBMC change first to allow ‘|HttpProxy=’)
  • Added: Don’t use HTTP proxy for non-HTTP scheme
  • Fixed: No proxy for HTTPS as it is not supported by urllib2
  • Added: Filter urls that use proxy
  • Changed: Select a proxy from the channel overview
  • Changed: Settings layout a bit
  • Updated: UriHandler for proxy logging
  • Added: Proxy to all channels
  • Added: Retrieve proxy info for channels
  • Added: Proxy settings
  • Added: Channel Categories and a Channel Category View
  • Updated: Configuration options
  • Changed: Moved some settings around
  • Changed: Channel enable/disable redesigned
  • Changed: Code cleanup of various files
  • Fixed: don’t set date on XBMC ListItem if not present
  • Fixed: Proxy settings via XBMC.RunPlugin
  • Changed: replaced some print statements with xbmc.log
  • Changed: JSON Helper should be able to handle empty string
  • Fixed: Bump the xbmc.python version to 2.1.0 to be Gotham compatible.
  • Fixed: do initial actions based in Session only (Issue 478)

Skin related

  • Updated: Swedish Translation (Thanks to Sopor)

Channel related

  • Fixed: AMT Regex no longer matches (Issue 484)
  • Fixed: Ere Divisie Live (Issue 480)
  • Fixed: Net5, SBS6 and Veronica did not show the title of the show (Issue 482).
  • Added: Omroep Brabant
  • Changed: Omroep Gelderland uses the new channel
  • Added: Omroep West
  • Added: Omroep Zeeland
  • Added: Omrop Fryslân
  • Added: RTV Oost
  • Added: RTV Noord
  • Added: RTV Noord Holland
  • Added: RTV Rijnmond
  • Added: RTV Utrecht
  • Added: RTV Drenthe
  • Fixed: SVT change their URL scheme to Swedish
  • Changed: Oppet Arkiv now uses Ajax pages
  • Fixed: do not cache the NOS Token URL (Issue 475)
  • Fixed: Regex update URPlay (Issue 477)

I also want to thank Jetbrains for providing me with a free Jetbrain PyCharm Community Edition license!