For those who are interested, I just uploaded XOT-Uzg.v3.3.6. This release mainly contains channel bug fixes (Apple Movie Trailers, and some Scandinavian channels). For the channels a bug (workaround for XBMC issue) was solved that caused only the first stream to play back in cache mode (streams being downloaded before playback).

Besides this, we added additional statistics logging. These statistics include whether you run XOT-Uzg.v3 as a video or program add-on, what channels are opened, and from what channels items are played back. We do not log what videos are played. If you don’t want us to receive this logging, you can disable it via the add-on settings.

Changelog v3.3.6 – 2013-06-16

Framework related

  • Updated: XOT-Uzg.v3 description in add-on xml file
  • Changed: Only create a new logfile if we are really starting from scratch
  • Fixed: Remove dead TV channels from TV.NL
  • Added: Indication of active session
  • Fixed: Don’t show startup notification each time we enter the channel selection file.
  • Updated: thumbnail handling in chn_class
  • Fixed: filename length < 42 check only for Xbox
  • Changed: refactored the cache cleanup code
  • Fixed: empty list on first run
  • Fixed: local file playback issue (Issue 434)
  • Added: RunType, Channel and Playback statistics feedback via statistics
  • Added: Added duration to script version of Statistics
  • Updated: check for charset after opening an URL and decode from that charset.
  • Fixed: Subtitles were always showing (if available), now also fixed in script mode (Issue 420)
  • Changed: Show a Notification in XBMC instead of a DialogBox for messages that are just for displaying purposes.
  • Added: Fanart for those channel that support it.
  • Added: Gzip and Deflate URI support

Skin related

  • None

Channel related

  • Added: VTM Nieuws
  • Fixed: cleanup UZG cache path based on configured config value (suggested in issue 434)
  • Added: support SMB cache paths for UZG
  • Added: SVT Live items show ETA
  • Fixed: Kanal 9 Play (Issue 440)
  • Fixed: serveral ViaSat channels (Issue 440)
  • Fixed: Apple Movie Trailers
  • Fixed: channel needed cookie consent and json video url retrieval
  • Added: theme radio channels
  • Added: Live Streams
  • Fixed: De Redactie (and some more Belgium channels) did not show all items (Issue 439)