Changelog v3.3.4 – 2013-03-23

Framework related

  • Changed: re-ordered Plugin context menu items
  • Added: Queue Item to context menu
  • Fixed: channelitems were not correctly update if using the program add-on version of XOT-uzg.v3 (Issue 412)
  • Fixed: Don’t return ok=True if no items were found (Issue 418)
  • Fixed: Subtitles were always showing (if available). Thanks to Marcel for the fix (Issue 420).
  • Removed: string encode and decode stuff. We now force Python in UTF-8 mode and thus we won’t need to encode/decode.
  • Fixed: Not all channel updates showed in XBox channel updater
  • Fixed: __Hash__ did not work on Python 2.4, need to use hash()
  • Fixed: HTML Entity Helper could not handle zero padded values
  • Removed: old folder representation and fallback to the advanced method.
  • Added: preserve the existing play list when playing an XOT-Uzg.v3 item in that list.
  • Added: force UTF-8
  • Updated: use base64.b64encode and base64.b64decode
  • Updated: Add-on settings layout and labels
  • Added: script to do some intialization

Skin related

  • Updated: SE translation (Thanks to Göran)
  • Changed: replace “:: title ::” with “.: title :.” to make sure some items are always on top.

Channel related

  • Updated: Naming of Swedish, Latvian and Lithuanian channels.
  • Fixed: Nickelodeon channels did not play due to site changes.
  • Removed: ViaSat sport (Issue 418)
  • Fixed: Kanal9 changed to the new layout (Issue 417)
  • Changed: can now hide Geolocked items (or label them)
  • Added:
  • Added: High Definition Live channels to
  • Fixed: (SBS, NET6 and Veronica) are no longer using relative urls (Issue 415)
  • Fixed: Minor things in Swedish channels
  • Fixed: Use M3u8 streams for (Issue 414)
  • Added: Live channels to (Issue 412)
  • Updated: RadioNL streams
  • Fixed: changed layout (Issue 413)
  • Fixed: Uitzendinggemist Mobile (but now uses WMV instead of RTMP)
  • Added: ‘Senaste nyhetsprogram’ to
  • Changed: Better paging in