Changelog v3.3.3 – 2012-01-30

Framework related

  • Fixed: Finally got the bug in the logger that messed up multi-line log messages
  • Added: Trace log level
  • Updated: Log levels of all messages in channels
  • Updated: UriHandler method redirect like Logger
  • Fixed: stopwatch messages were not logged under the caller’s name.
  • Added: Resume support for video items
  • Changed: Some refactoring of the plugin and mediaitem code
  • Added: Playlist type to mediaitem (cannot use setResolvedUrl)
  • Changed: load channels from XML instead of Python classes to improve speed (10x as fast)
  • Changed: don’t resolve chars in channelinfo when not displaying (saves 200 ms)
  • Changed: replaced os.path.realpath with os.path.abspath and saved 200ms on ATV2.
  • Changed: slightly improved the jsonhelper performance
  • Changed: use cPickle instead of pickle (much faster)
  • Changed: do not use pre-compiled regexes, as they take too much performance on slower systems.
  • Changed: replaced the urllib.(un)quote_plus as it was slow
  • Changed: temporarily store the instance.getMembers method to improve performance
  • Changed: performance improved by adding as Hash to the mediaitems and using a set() for removing duplicates
  • Changed: performance improved by re-using pickled items
  • Added: bulk loading of XBMC List Items, should increase speed on slow systems
  • Fixed: HTML Entity Helper now handles Hex values
  • Changed: Made Logger independent of XBMC
  • Fixed: Channelimporter always missed the first channelupdate

Skin related

  • Added: Refresh plugin list from context menu
  • Updated: loglevel can be set from the settings. Defaults to info

Channel related

  • Added: (SBS6, NET5 and Veronica) channel (Issue 409)
  • Removed: Old SBS6, NET5 and Veronica channels.
  • Fixed: UR Play (Issue 408)
  • Fixed: new RTL5 and 8 icons
  • Fixed: NOS could not resolve streams
  • Fixed: NOS mobile does not read the root item
  • Updated: SWF URL
  • Fixed: TV5 failed because of missing descriptions
  • Fixed: NOS Mobile video’s could not yet be available. Check this.
  • Changed: apparently XBMC can now handle avc1.77.30 codecs and we can use them in