Changelog v3.3.2 – 2012-12-13

Framework related

  • Fixed: Opening channels without a channelcode would not work (Issue 400)
  • Updated: Added channel descriptions as plot to channel overview.
  • Updated: Stopwatch to make more sense in logging
  • Added: New Json interface to It can now use the JsonHelper to get data passed into the Create-Video/Folder/Page/Episode-Item methods.
  • Added: .updates mechanism for incremental updates in channels
  • Added: Advanced Json handling.
  • Added: a bit more timing info to chn_class.ParseMainList

Skin related

  • None

Channel related

  • Fixed: Temporary fix for Dynamic HTTP Streams (Issue 404)
  • Fixed: changed an did not show folders and all videos (Issue 398)
  • Added: Uitzendinggemist Mobile
  • Changed: alphabetical items show most recent items.
  • Changed: now uses the JsonHelper interface from chn_class
  • Removed: Live items from as they are no longer available (Issue 396)