Changelog v3.3.1 – 2012-11-16

Framework related

  • Fixed: parameter passed onto the video add-on failed new XBMC validation causing XOT-Uzg.v3 to no longer work (Issue 394)
  • Fixed: JsonHelper did not correctly encode UTF-8 results
  • Fixed: JsonHelper could not handle booleans
  • Fixed: HTMLEntityHelper could not handle '
  • Fixed: Json helper did not convert all characters correctly
  • Fixed: RuntimeError is now thrown from XBMC instead of TypeError if WindowId is not found.
  • Added: DateHelper.GetDateForNextDay and GetDateForPreviousDay
  • Added: Referer option to UriHandler

Skin related

  • Added: .po language files for after XBMC Frodo.

Channel related

  • Fixed: Kanal 5 would not list any shows (Issue 388)
  • Added: Radio 538 live streams (Webcam, 538TV and SlamFM TV) (Issue 390)
  • Fixed: Typo in Dutch MTV channel causing the URL to not load.
  • Added: German MTV channel (
  • Fixed: as they changed again! (Issue 387)
  • Fixed: Apparently we can’t take a shortcut and determine the video url from the image urls (Issue 384)
  • Fixed: changed layout
  • Fixed: NOS implemented the Dutch Cookielaw (Issue 381)
  • Fixed: Added recent items to (Issue 380)
  • Updated: to work with the new url’s. But still no RTMPE support.
  • Fixed: (Youtube keeps changing) (Issue 370)
  • Fixed: BBC channels broke due to refactoring bug (Issue 379)
  • Fixed: iRTL broke if the streams included “http”
  • Fixed: MTV channel broke due to site changes (Issue 377)
  • Fixed: changed layout (Issue 374)
  • Fixed: did not play (Issue 370)
  • Fixed: UTF8 message for SVT
  • Added: (replaces old Pathe plugin).
  • Fixed: SVT sometimes adds an \n at the end of streams. XBMC does not like that (Issue 366)
  • Fixed: error in Nick channel
  • Fixed: streams (Issue 363)
  • Added: Norwegian & Swedish Nickelodeon (Issue 364)
  • Fixed: in plugin mode do not de-prefix, XBMC will do that (Issue 362).
  • Added: Omroep Gelderland (Issue 359)
  • Changed: If possible hide the premium items (Isse 355)
  • Fixed: Regex changes for (Issue 357)
  • Fixed: Video meta data format changed for (Issue 358)