Changelog v3.3.0 – 2012-08-19

Framework related

  • Refactored: UriHandler
  • Refactored: Logger
  • Refactored: Regexer
  • Refactored: AddonSettings
  • Added: XBMC @Android compatibility
  • Fixed: Jsonhelper was not 100% ok
  • Fixed: Simplified packages dependencies
  • Added: Hide Geolocked items to XOT-Uzg.v3 settings
  • Fixed: message in plugin showed Video item instead of Media Item
  • Added: Plugin now shows a error when no streams are found to play
  • Fixed: UI Deadlock due to an active DialogBusy and an active OK Dialog
  • Fixed: Big performance improvement on initial start of XOT-Uzg.v3 on slower systems
  • Added: Support for Danish channels
  • Added: Estonian language
  • Changed: SWF url now sets swfvfy=1 instead swfvfy=True

Skin related

  • Added: Multi-Language support (for now English, Swedish and Dutch, more translations welcome)

Channel related

  • Added: Live streams to
  • Fixed: Multiple channel issues
  • Updated: SWF url for channel
  • Fixed: new m3u8 codec is not supported for some servers (Issue 354)
  • Fixed: changed layout (Issue 353)
  • Fixed: Canvas
  • Fixed: BETA became final (Issue 350)
  • Updated: added non-RTMPT stream for channel (Issue 349)
  • Fixed: NOS channel would not list all items due to some mark-up changes (Issue 347)
  • Fixed: NOS did not start on page 1 with listings
  • Fixed: De Redactie not showing streams
  • Added: (Issue 342)
  • Fixed: Facebook links appeared in video listing (Issue 341)