Changelog v3.2.12 – 2011-12-15

Framework related

  • Fixed: reverted part of Environment check fix. The Unknown = 1 basically fixed it already.
  • Fixed: No ChannelUpdate for Xbox Plugin
  • Fixed: Do not cache downloads
  • Changed: ContextMenu missing method is now a warning
  • Updated: Added a real HEAD request method to UriOpener
  • Fixed: XBMC code has more Envirmonts and broke ATV2 support (Issue 293)
  • Added: SearchSite is now implemented in chn_class. Makes using it easier.
  • Added: Version class and comparisons
  • Removed: self.maxXotVersion from all channels
  • Fixed: logging of initialization error
  • Changed: Version is now check based on Addon.xml version
  • Changed: OutOfDate is no longer used

Skin related

  • None

Channel related

  • Added: channel (Issue 192)
  • Added: Download items from NOS Beta
  • Fixed: SVT SWF Url
  • Fixed: Exclude video’s in streams (only show episodes)
  • Fixed: TV4 Did not show all episodes (Issue 290)
  • Fixed: No episodes for “Bonde söker fru” (Issue 294)
  • Fixed: ViaSat Sport and did not play due to SWF Verification (Issue 290)
  • Fixed: BBC Iplayer Regex issues
  • Added: Search to channel
  • Fixed: would not play (Issue 257)
  • Added: Premium label added (part of Issue 257)
  • Fixed: Prefix clips with “Klipp” in and (Issue 291)