Changelog v3.2.10 – 2011-09-04

Works best with Dharma and later builds

Framework related

  • Added: New setting to enable advanced plugin mode (default enabled). Enables these features:
  • Added: Plugin Contextmenu generated from channel contexmenuitems
  • Added: Plugin show favorites from mainlist and channel overview
  • Fixed: Refresh issue fixed for plugin for Xbox
  • Added: Favorites handling for plugin
  • Added: Playlist support in Plugin
  • Added: Subtitle support for Plugin
  • Changed: Thumbs are now cached using their MD5 hashed URL as filename
  • Added: HTML helper should also trigger on ‘attribute’ instead of just “attribute”
  • Added: Do not show already installed channel updates in XBox Channel update window.
  • Changed: sortorder of some channels
  • Fixed: channel importer was too limited in importing and breaking inheritance of classes (Issue 281)
  • Fixed: if no subtitle was found, don’t try downloading it again.
  • Updated: set Year Infolabel if available
  • Updated: encode the description just like the title
  • Added: Set ContentType in Plugin to “Movie”
  • Updated: Replaced Dutch error message

Skin related

  • Fixed: Some skin issues related to contextmenu and update window.

Channel related

  • Fixed: AMT had some issues with thumbs and some URL formats
  • Updated: AMT now get’s high definition posters
  • Updated: RTL iPad channel to have dates and multi bitrates. This channel is no longer supported on XBMC4Xbox.
  • Updated: RTL XL
  • Added: Eredivisie Live
  • Updated: TV4 to have a nice thumb
  • Fixed: not working due to SWF verification (Issue 286)