Changelog v3.2.9 – 2011-08-12

Works best with Dharma and later builds

Framework related

  • Updated: Load ProgramList with AddItems instead of AddItem
  • Updated: Fill Plot and PlotOutline with Description information.
  • Changed: no part number in plug-in if only one part
  • Added: Refresh option in main window
  • Added: Timed Text Markup Language -> SRT converter
  • Added: Sort method “None” -> makes the order identical to the order on the websites
  • Fixed: sort by in the plugin now takes Addon settings into account.
  • Fixed: set no-image to incomplete video item.
  • Fixed: HTML helper attribute order was incorrect.
  • Fixed: pass user-agent to on when using the plug-in. Fixes AMT as plugin.
  • Added: Belgium language code to settings
  • Fixed: Unicode errors in XOT DB
  • Fixed: Don’t add duplicates to favorites
  • Fixed: cache path could not be created if profile path did not exist (Issue 276, thanks to Sven)

Skin related

  • Updated: XOT Logo
  • Updated: Logo’s and Icons renewed

Channel related

  • Fixed: AMT channel
  • Updated: AMT add description to items
  • Fixed: 123Video channel did not play recent video’s
  • Added: Nick Junior
  • Fixed: Nickelodeon channel
  • Added: UR Play (Swedish)
  • Added: AT5
  • Added: VRT channels (Sporza, Ketnet, De Redactie, Cobra)
  • Fixed: Lama’s channel was broken due to website changes
  • Added:
  • Added: to channels
  • Updated: Southpark channel now has high quality movies