Changelog v3.2.7 – 2011-07-12

Works best with Dharma and later builds

Framework related

  • Added: ACTION_NAV_BACK in order to be compatible with commit 9ceddb029b0b01e67973.
  • Fixed: Default value for bitrate is 800 which is not in the list!
  • Fixed: context menu in some cases passed the index of the wrong list (favorites broke)
  • Fixed: Apparently showing your own progressbar breaks the normal plugin progressbar. Disabling it again. Thanks to Göran for pointing it out.
  • Changed: in plugin mode, we just pass the thumbUrl to XBMC instead of loading it.
  • Fixed: Download from Plugin
  • Updated: User-Agent handling changed so it can be passed on to XBMC
  • Moved: Cache folder to profile
  • Added: Setting for subtitle mode: show or not
  • Fixed: Change active channel index only on select.

Skin related

  • None

Channel related

  • Fixed: The regex in SVT searches for “ram” which matches “Program”! So a lot of false matches (Thanks again Göran)
  • Added: Refresh option for completed items. I some cases (NOS) the video URL expires and you will have to get a new one.
  • Changed: Apple Movie Trailers now starts playback immediately instead of downloading. Download is now a context menu option
  • Added: subtitles to (Thanks to Göran for pointing it out)