Changelog v3.2.6 – 2011-07-04

Works best with Dharma and later builds

Framework related

  • Fixed: in some cases Unicode was hidden in normal string and thus not correctly decoded. Hopefully the Unicode issues are now all solved (Thanks to Göran for pointing out the issue)
  • Added: Encoding info to startup
  • Added: json now replaces \uxxxx values with Unicode characters.
  • Fixed: Linux x64 caused an error due to the -1 value of 4294967295. This is now temporarily fixed with a workaround (Thanks to Maurizo and Cartaphilus
  • Added: Settings logging
  • Fixed: HasMediaItemParts fixed (it now also checks for streams)
  • Fixed: resort mainlist after settings changed.
  • Fixed: Progressbar animation
  • Added: Download parts from plugin
  • Added: UriHandler now accepts an user-agent overwrite to it’s download method.
  • Added: Date helper
  • Changed: Use bitrate instead of stream quality. This makes it more usefull (Thanks to Göran for the idea).
  • Changed: XBMC4Xbox should not deploy channels outside it’s folder (thanks vriesm@XBMC4Xbox for the idea)
  • Changed: month lookup in DateHelper

Skin related

  • Fixed: Folder icon does not show under Linux due to CAPS issue in xot_DefaultFolder.png.
  • Fixed: Memory issues due to background

Channel related

  • Fixed: file:// issue under Linux preventing iRTL to work.
  • Fixed: SVT SWF verification (Thanks to Göran)
  • Added: Apple Movie Trailers
  • Fixed: NOS channels now show better bitrates
  • Fixed: Added Includes.xml to prevent error messages
  • Changed: XBMC4Xbox now loads its channels from the \channels\ path
  • Reverted: use none MMS stream for NOS2010
  • Fixed: did not load images