Changelog v3.2.4 – 2011-06-15

Works best with Dharma and later builds

Skin related

  • Added: skin.xot is not the default skin and reworked the complete skinning engine of XOT
  • Removed: all other skins

Channel related

  • Added: Channel 9 @ MSDN
  • Added: Toppers to dumpert (Issue 263)
  • Fixed: UZG for IOS (Issue 261)
  • Added: NOS Beta now has subtitle support
  • Updated: NOS Beta Channel fixes (regex + date lookup)
  • Fixed: Workaround for bug in geo-checking in NOS site (thanks to Reinoud).
  • Added: Norwegian channels thanks to Rbiez (Jan Christian Liby)
  • Fixed: RTL-Ipad channel
  • Added: TV Stations (Issue 255)
  • Fixed: Radiostations would not list (Issue 254)
  • Fixed: Freecaster channel (Issue 241,149)
  • Fixed: Freecaster changed their site again, so I had to update the channel
  • Removed: SBS and RTL backgrounds
  • Fixed: Southpark channel (still Type mismatch: client sent 6, server answered 9)

Framework related

  • Changed: MediaItems now have MediaItemParts which again have MediaStreams
  • Added: caching of retrieved items and pre-adding option
  • Added: Log the language of channels.
  • Changed: Sorting of channels moved to Channel class
  • Fixed: Unicode logging issues
  • Fixed: Chuncked data no longer causes empty data to return. It now returns up to where the opener got.
  • Added: RawEncode and IngoreEncode methods
  • Added: date sorting option for items with dates (selectable via via the Addon settings, requires XOT restart)
  • Fixed: Menu now returns to channel window instead of going up (Issue 142)
  • Fixed: Deprecated warnings for Eden Repository API
  • Changed: os.getcwd() to addon.getAddonInfo(‘path’) (Compatibility for the new Eden Repository API)
  • Added: Subtitle support to channels, including caching
  • Added: Channel deployer can now deleted old channels
  • Added: Norwegian language
  • Added: French and English Canadian language options
  • Removed: XOT User Agent (too tricky for tracing)
  • Fixed: Hopefully fixed UTF-8 text displaying corrupt
  • Fixed: deployment on other than net.rieter.xot folder locations