Changelog v3.2.3 – 2011-01-26

Works best with Dharma and later builds

XBOX users: I fixed a minor bug in the channel deployment mechanism today (it caused no channels to appear if you renamed the script other then net.rieter.xot. XBOX Users who downloaded the zips before 20.00h (+100) on the 26th of January should delete all the net.rieter.xot….. folder and redownload.

  • Added: Updating channels via XBMC Repository functionality (XBMC4Xbox still uses old method).
  • Fixed: Updater now uses deploy mechanism to deploy channels after XOT upgrade (=workaround for XBMC addon implementation)
  • Added: Addon Settings.xml for XOT-Uzg.v3. Settings can be accessed from Context Menu of XBMC or Context menu of XOT-Uzg.v3.
  • Added: High, Medium and Low bitrate playback support, configurable via Addon Settings. Plugin shows bitrates in the title of the item.
  • Removed: Context Menu items High and Low Bitrate. Info is now retrieved from Add-on settings.
  • Added: Setting to allow disabling of channels of a certain language
  • Changed: XOT database file is now stored in the script profile location, so it won’t get deleted on XOT update.
  • Updated: TV3,6&8 with new SWF and new site layout (Issue 245)
  • Fixed: channel due to site changes (Issue 243, Issue 231)
  • Added: NOS channel (with multi-bitrate support).
  • Added: bitrate selection to SVT (Issue 233)
  • Fixed: RTL channel now uses RTL-XL.
  • Fixed: channel (Issue 241)
  • Fixed: folders in plugin are not accessible (thanks to
  • Fixed: not all labels in the Default skin had a <textcolor> tag, so in some skin’s the text would not appear (thanks to and
  • Fixed: Repository did not have a correct MD5 file.
  • Removed: unneeded imports