This page contains all the changelogs for XOT-Uzg.v2.x.x. For more recent changelogs visit the Changelogs page.

Changelog v3.2.0b7 – 2010-01-26

Needs at least XBMC revision R17016

  • Removed: Kanalenkiezer for the time being, because they start to link to HTML more and more
  • Fixed: Turbo Nick RTMP urls
  • Fixed:
  • Updated: SVT to handel AJAX calls beter (Issue 151)
  • Added: Confluence Skin
  • Fixed: added some code to make sure XOT updater does not suffer from a googelcode-page bug
  • Fixed: Bug with closing of progressbar
  • Added: Contextmenu Close support

Changelog v3.2.0b6 – 2009-11-26

Needs at least XBMC rev17016

  • Fixed: Fine tuned SVT regex’s
  • Fixed: channel could not handle rtmpe (thanks to Stefan Nilsson)
  • Added: Viasat Sport (thanks to fldc @
  • Added: TV3, TV6 and
  • Fixed: RTL channel more compatible with XBMC Win32/Linux (Thanks to Menno). Still long loading times
  • Fixed: channel
  • Fixed: Plugin broke with new XBMC version
  • Fixed: Loging broke with new XBMC version
  • Fixed: bug with logging of mediaitem
  • Added: MiniMeedia skin
  • Changed: Xbox Media Center into XBMC Media Center
  • Updated: Logo’s
  • Updated: Build Scripts

Changelog v3.2.0b5 – 2009-05-07

Needs at least XBMC rev17016

  • Added: and
  • Fixed:
  • Added: proxy support
  • Fixed: __eq__ could not handle None objects
  • Fixed: plugin did not work because of __eq__ bug.

Changelog v3.2.0b4 – 2009-04-28

Needs at least XBMC rev17016

  • Added: and
  • Fixed: RTL 4,5,7&8 channel
  • Removed: PCZapper SBS6
  • Added:
  • Fixed: channel
  • Fixed: 123Video now detects correct mediaserver
  • Fixed: De Lama’s channel
  • Added: TurboNick
  • Fixed: Channel
  • Fixed: Southpark channel (partly)
  • Fixed: NOS channels
  • Added: Unicode support (fixed scrambling of special characters)
  • Added: Minor improvements to UI and added Events
  • Added: detection of duplicate GUIDs of channels. The duplicate is removed and error is logged
  • Added: Helpers library
  • Added: HtmlEntityHelper class
  • Fixed: Default Skin scroll
  • Renamed: clistItem to MediaItem

Changelog v3.2.0b3 – 2009-01-23

Needs at least XBMC rev17016

  • Added: MediaStream skin (thanks to Poeier from
  • Fixed: RTL channel
  • Added: better sorting of items (date still needs some tweaking)
  • Added: Mouseclick support (Requires Rev 17016)
  • Added: Z@PP Channel
  • Fixed: SVT Channel

Changelog v3.2.0b2 – 2008-09-29

Needs at least XBMC rev14899

  • Updated:
  • Fixed: mediaUrl error in Plugin
  • Fixed: Environment always showed Win32 even on xbox. Now it imports win32 but displays XBOX
  • Fixed: Icon had bad pixels
  • Changed: entity-converter did not work if entities had capitals
  • Fixed: Regex for NET5/SBS6 and Veronica (Again)
  • Added: NOS Top 50
  • Fixed: RTL now loads the additional programms better
  • Fixed: Regex for NET5/SBS6 and Veronica
  • Added: Paging to NET5/SBS6 and Veronica

Changelog v3.2.0b1 – 2008-09-29

Needs at least XBMC rev14899 The new Southpark Channel will only work if you have an XBMC version that supports RTMP 0x16

  • Added: Official Southpark channel
  • Fixed: RTL Channel adjusted to new RTL Player
  • Added: new environment detecting
  • Added: 64bit support
  • Fixed: NOS Channel adjustments for new url layout (and future use of WMC)
  • Fixed: Plugin for multiple mediaurls
  • Fixed: Linux Logging
  • Fixed: Linux pal -> PAL in skin folder names
  • Fixed: path issues with Linux. os.path.join is used now everywhere.
  • Fixed: SBS6nl channel
  • Added: Environment detection and OS dependend packages (idea taken from AMT)
  • Fixed: NOS channel needed fixing because of new check on the website.
  • Fixed: quickfix for unexplainable clearing of channellist
  • Changed: layout of script folder to support WindowXML rev14899
  • Fixed: MyVideo regex
  • Fixed: some more syntax issues
  • Changed: User Agent for URLLib is now XOT/3.0 (compatible; XBMC; U)
  • Removed: Unneeded imports
  • Fixed: RTL changed their layout
  • Fixed: Regex changed for Kanalenkiezer
  • Changed: Veronica channel needed multiple fixes (FLV detection)
  • Changed: Favorites now use ChannelGUID for identification
  • Added: GUID for each channel used for identification.
  • Added: bitrate selection of RTL streams
  • Updated: image
  • Updated: Donations updated in readme.txt

Changelog v3.1.0 – 2008-05-07

Needs at least XBMC revision R10008

  • Added: Auto Channel Updater
  • Changed: update now has a verbose option to also show a message if no update was available
  • Fixed: introduced a SecurityCode to obtain the mediaurl. For now it is fixed by loading an extra page that holds that code.
  • Fixed: Regex for results in NOS Zoeken fine-tuned
  • Fixed: MediaUrlRegex
  • Fixed: Pagecontrols where showing for channel description labels
  • Added: Official channel. The previous one now has PCZapper in it’s name and description
  • Added: NET5 from
  • Added:
  • Fixed: Cosmetic changes to contextmenu
  • Added: self.defaultPlayer option to channels
  • Changed: Prevent addition of duplicate items in Mainlist
  • Added: more debugging info if an AttributeError occurs after importing libraries. This should give more information on what went wrong.
  • Fixed: on some XBox systems the timeout of on Open action would occur immediately due to a problem with the threading.join() method. (Thanks to Arnova [])
  • Fixed: Caching of thumb would not return the default self.NoImage if an exception occured.
  • Changed: GuiController now ignores exceptions that occur when non essential controls are missing from the skin file (like the channelinfo controls and rating controls).
  • Fixed: Contextmenu had disappeared in some channels
  • Fixed: RTL XML Layout changed

Changelog v3.0.1 – 2008-03-11

Needs at least XBMC revision R10008

  • Added: more download algorithms
  • Added: more support for
  • Added: people who donated
  • Fixed: Searchregex was not correct
  • Added: Swedish television
  • Added: BeautifulSoup support via common.DoSoupFindAll
  • Added: now accepts lists/tuples for playback. They will be converted to playlists
  • Added:
  • Added: new pagenavigation images
  • Added: favorites now go into Database file
  • Added: sqlite2 library
  • Changed: context menu now uses onClick and works with mouse
  • Fixed: Crash on detection of script/plugin from within XBMC for Linux
  • Fixed: Crash on mouse movement when mouse is not over a control in ProgWindow.
  • Fixed: UrlJoin used for url creation in CreatePageItem
  • Fixed: GuiController check self.PluginMode
  • Added: Page support in XOT Plugin (they show as folders)
  • Added: XBMC version and compile date in Directory Printer
  • Changed: scrolling through pagelist now also allows from top -> bottom jump
  • Fixed: UZG changed their layout. ParseMainList now parses multiple pages

Changelog v3.0.0 – 2008-01-28

Needs at least XBMC revision R10008

  • Changed: Item is now first pushed onto the history stack before fetching of new items, so the parent item can be called via the history stack (for descriptions for instance)
  • Changed: sort-order of Lama’s channel
  • Added: channel
  • Added: Ratings
  • Changed: Modified the search channel to a ‘specials’ channel including search, popular items, newly added items, etc..etc..

Changelog v3.0.0b2 – 2008-01-07

Requires at least XBMC R10008

  • Fixed: issue with getFocus() for GUI types that are XBMCGUI specific.
  • Fixed: Minor issue on NOS Page handling
  • Fixed: Progressbar dissappeared in NOS channel
  • Added: Favorites can now be every folder in each channel.
  • Changed: ContextMenu is moved from Channel to ChannelClass. In the Channel now has a self.contextMenuItems which is a list of ContextMenu.ContextMenuItems. Each item has a label, a callback function and an indication wether it should show on video/folder/completed items.
  • Added: Favorites
  • Added: Settings.xml
  • Added: contextmenu to 123video
  • Added:
  • Changed: chn_nos – NOS now only retrieves recent items and displays an archive folder with older items

Changelog v3.0.0b1 – 2007-12-23

Requires at least XBMC R10008

  • Fixed: is now working again
  • Changed: icons renamed
  • Changed: ‘De Lama’s’ Channel changed to not retrieve 1000 items, but only 500. This should solve timeouts opening the channel.
  • Fixed: Text not appearing in textboxes
  • Added: Better handling of xbmcplugin interface.
  • Changed: Fixed some overlaps in skins.
  • €euro;dded: Caching of items. On ‘back’ items are retrieved from the cache! This reduces the URL lookups dramatically
  • Added: self.pluginMode, if in plugin-mode, this variable is True
  • Added: initPlugin method to Channel. This one can be used to do the initialisation of a channel. Remember to add the self.pluginMode = True to this part.
  • Added: item.Downloadable indicates whether an item is downloadable. Should be used in the future to determine if it can be downloaded or not.
  • Added: Plugin support (dates still missing in listing)
  • Added: channel
  • Changed: had to remove some UI related stuff from the channels, to make sure they would work as a plugin.
  • Changed: channels may NOT contain any reference to objects of the XOT-Script UI. If they do, make sure to not adres them when in script mode.
  • Fixed: channel
  • Added: if mediaurl is not filled in updatevideo, the item is always marked als not complete
  • Fixed: date is now grey when item is not selected in progwindow
  • Changed: mplayer and dvdplayer can now be selected explicitly. Defaults to the default XBMC player.