Changelog v2.7.0 – 2007-10-12

Requires at least XBMC R8683

  • Added: Cachefolder cleanup
  • Added: New GTST episodes to RTL channel
  • Added: Channelnames in Programwindow
  • Added: Channeldescriptions in Programwindow
  • Added: Channeldescriptions to all channels
  • Added: item=complete checkmark
  • Fixed: RTL Error in Regex due to changes in XML layout
  • Changed: renamed self.onUpDownEnabled to self.onUpDownUpdateEnabled for better displaying its function
  • Added: Lama’s channel
  • Added: self.CacheThumb to to automate the caching of thumbs

Changelog v2.7.0b6 – 2007-10-05

Requires at least XBMC R8683

  • Fixed: RTL script updated for GTST (ParseMainList adds an extra item: GTST)
  • Fixed: RTL script updated. The XML layout changed a bit.
  • Added: an user agent to the uriopener (thanks to VincePirez @ xbmc forums)
  • Fixed: SBS Regex
  • Added: Date for programs in progwindow
  • Added: Option to disable sorting alphabetically and sort by date
  • Fixed: layout of changed. Had to adjust the regular expressions and urls.
  • Changed: no URL fetching on item selection. Only on click! (Done using the self.onUpDownEnabled = False).
  • Added: when self.onUpDownEnabled = False and ignore = False then only the data is shown and no update is done of the videoitem.

Changelog v2.7.0b5 – 2007-09-01

Requires at least XBMC R8683

  • Changed: no onupdown for TVLink until the issues are fixed. Now update via contextmenu
  • Added: onUpDownEnabled to Channel settings and onUpDown(ignoreDisabled=True/False)
  • Added: Controlgroup for onUpDown to
  • Changed: self.initialUri to self.mainListUri. self.intialUri still exists, but is set when the Episode window opens (ShowEpisodeWindow)
  • Added: Progressbar for filling lists larger than 50 items
  • Added: Canceling of URL opening even if no data is comming in
  • Removed: Talpa as it now is RTL8
  • Added: Locking mechanisme to prevent multiple background updates (very Experimental)

Changelog v2.7.0b4 – 2007-08-06

Requires at least XBMC R8683

  • Fixed: <string> error in XBMC log due to XOT logger
  • Added: Print directory of script on startup for debugging options
  • Fixed: KK channels where out of sync due to webpage layout!
  • Added: Locking for video update
  • Added: Don’t break on not resolving
  • Fixed: No more frenzy internet lookups: onUpDown now only starts after last onUp in 500ms
  • Changed: uriOpener now has private variables for methodes to prevent multithread problems
  • Added: New backgrounds for RTL, SBS and Talpa
  • Added: ConvertURLEntity and ConvertHTMLEntity in (replacing StripHTML)
  • Added: maxXotVerison to channels. If XOT updates older channels may lead to conflicts, so they won’t be loaded then.
  • Added: support (needs more file type detection)
  • Fixed: Changing list position while loading first item would lead to wrongly display item info on the newly selected one.
  • Added: Default compare value in progwindow channel comparison
  • Added: UriOpener.Header now also returns the real url after redirection

Changelog v2.7.0b3 2007-07-28

Requires at least XBMC R8683

  • Added: page:
  • Changed: Uitzendinggemist.v2 will be called XOT:Uzg (XBMC Online TV: Uitzendinggemst)
  • Changed: UZG is now based on seperate framework called: XOT (XBMC Online TV)
  • Added: Custom sorting of channels using SortOrder property
  • Changed: is now completely UZG free
  • Changed: Media files that do not explicitly belong to UZG are renamed from uzg_ to xot_
  • Changed: Progwindow Skin
  • Fixed: Visibility on Panel now works
  • Added: Checking if image is present in SkinFolder. If it is present, that one is used, else the file in the channel folder is used
  • Changed: Media of channels now in channelfolder OR in skinfolder. The latter overwrites the former (skinfolder is the most important location).
  • Changed: Each channel has its own folder now: has to be located \name\
  • Changed: Moved chn_class to libs.
  • Added: New skin for progwindow
  • Added: Control groups for up/down and exit/back
  • Changed: Graphics for channels
  • Added: Possibility to have both a list of channels and buttons. Nr of buttons must be equal to number of channels
  • Changed: Register items to ‘channelSelect -> channelRegister’
  • Changed: buttons are now registered from within the channelClass
  • Added: Dynamically load channels
  • Changed: Contextmenu and progwindow skin-name in config.sys
  • Changed: More UZG-name related stuff into the
  • Added: appName to
  • Changed: UpdateUrl now in
  • Changed: UzgLog to logFile (for general purpose)

Changelog v2.7.0b2 2007-07-14

Requires at least XBMC R8683

  • Removed: Some unneccessary imports
  • Added: UZG Logger class, not based on Python logging
  • Added: option to log exceptions in both UZG and XBMC log
  • Added: GUID for identification of cListItems
  • Added: Uriopener checks if filenames are in correct xfat format now
  • Fixed: Some bugs in Uriopener
  • Changed: Joox regex
  • Added: .flv detection to SBS6/PCZapper script

Changelog v2.7.0b1 2007-07-02

Requires at least XBMC R8683

  • Added: registration of all channels in their own
  • Removed: PMIII skin. Now defaults to Default
  • Added: SBS6 support (from
  • Added: Progressbar information while opening
  • Added: complete contextmenu support (used AMT for inspiration but changed a lot). Menu is triggered by the Info Key/Button
  • Changed: renamed skin xml files to uzg-windowname.xml (“uzg-” added)
  • Added: ClearityMod skin
  • Fixed: MC360 skin
  • Added: with all config stuff
  • Added: with all control and window ID’s
  • Changed: Joox download enabled. Defaults to Cache Dir and uses item name as filename.
  • Changed: moved first load of from to and added cookie check to
  • Fixed: integer instead of float value to progressbar dialog (float is decrepated)
  • Fixed: Minor bug playing KK streams
  • Changed: logging now happens in the ‘uzg.log’ file in the script folder of UZG. The logfile from the previous session is named ‘uzg.old.log’.
  • Added: MultiLine Logger Class with Exception Handling
  • Changed: NOS Search now accepts multiple characters.

Changelog v2.6.x 2007-06-20

Requires at least XBMC R8683

  • Added: Joox Support
  • Added: Version Checking
  • Changed: UriOpener now has False as default. Only True on data retrieval
  • Fixed: Skin list scrolling
  • Fixed: uriopener did not open file if filesize was smaller than chucksize
  • Changed: cleanup of uriopen method. Also adding more debuginfo
  • Changed: ListItem methodes to comply with XBMC R9198
  • Fixed: wrong tag in skin XML-Files
  • Fixed: re-initialisation of episode window after video playback
  • Fixed: MC360 skin
  • Changed: New Skinlayout, first draft
  • Fixed: Initialisation of Talpa-window continued even when login failed.
  • Added: The “Concept” skin.
  • Fixed: Errors due to very large amounts of URL’s queueing up when scrolling an episode list fast.
  • Added: Uitzendinggemist Support(READ 4.a below)

Changelog v2.5.x 2007-05-16

Requires WindowXML compatible XBMC

  • Fixed: Problem with image-links in Default skin. Prevented correct display of images when the default skin was selected.
  • Added: PMIII skin.
  • Fixed: RTL 4,5&7 streams were not working due to server changes at RTL.
  • Fixed: Pixel column at left side of button removed.
  • Added: initial MC360 skin support (Still needs testing)
  • Changed: More NOS Uitzendinggemist history. All episodes present on the site should now be visible.
  • Fixed: cleaning of URL with & insided the url.
  • Added: has ID’s for the used controls defined in channelwindow.xml.
  • Added: windowxml skinning support (See further down for more notes).
  • Changed: icons for channels/episodes
  • Changed: more robust checking for streams in Kanalenkiezer. Html is now filtered out before playback (had to check HTTP first) to prevent problems with mplayer.
  • Changed: location of constants changed to the channel-libary files.
  • Changed: all constants in CAPITALS, variable in camelCase and methodes in PascalCase

Changelog v2.4.x 2007-04-24

  • Changed: to make things a bit more easy to maintain I changed from a single to multiple files.
  • Added: seperate python scripts for libraries (libs), channels and a
  • Changed: each channel has it’s own python file with instructions.
  • Fixed: on some systems the Cache dir was not present which prevented the script from running! Checking this now on startup.
  • Added: BETA support for
  • Changed: search algorithm for

Changelog v2.3.x 2007-04-09

  • Fixed: lookup string was wrong due to missing Q, X and Y.
  • Fixed: no episodes were displayed if no date was found for episodes.
  • Added: Searching for NED1,2&3. Only one symbol can be used to search. Others will be neglected.

Changelog v2.2.x 2007-04-09

  • Added: Progressbar support while loading an URL

Changelog v2.1.x 2007-04-03

  • Fixed: scaling bug when using HD resolutions
  • Added: parsing of ASX/ASF for compatibility with older XBMC versions
  • Added: first support for RTL 4,5 & 7 (please use the XBMC forum link to let me know if there are bugs)
  • Added: icons for folders/video-files

Changelog v2.0.x 2007-03-30

  • Added: animations
  • Changed: tabs instead of spaces for indentation
  • Added: readme.txt
  • Fixed: now again working with
  • Fixed: working ASF streams
  • Added: support for multiple episodes of a programm
  • Changed: split window-class into to parts: program-window and episode-window
  • Added: new background
  • Changed: layout
  • Fixed: display most recent programms, instead of the first in alphabetical ranking